A Message of Hope

At the end of National Infertility week, I want to remind all of those out there that are on their own personal journey of fertility that they are not alone.  I know that sometimes, going to all those baby showers, seeing your friends get pregnant, and then pregnant again, that it may feel like no one really understands what you are going through.  But we do.  The stress of fertility issues can be similar to other chronic diseases, and without the proper support, love and encouragement, just like anything else it can take a hold of you.  I encourage those of you who are reading this and are on their own journey to reach out, talk to friends, seek counseling, come get a homeopathic remedy that can help support you,  but also look inward.  When people are going through a perceived struggle in their life, having the ability to look within and see what good they can do with the cards they where dealt can often help ease the emotional pain that they are going through.   Perhaps your path will lead you to discover that your gift is helping others in the same boat, that there are emotional or physical imbalances that need to corrected before bringing a healthy baby into this world, or you cross paths with another person that may change your life that you not have otherwise known.  If we use the discomfort and pain in our lives to become the best version of ourselves, then regardless of the outcome, I feel that there was a reason we were given the struggle to begin with.  I hope all of you out there that on this path continue to follow your dream and keep your eyes open to the possibilities that come your way.  And remember… you are not alone in this journey.   

Dr. NatalieComment