Tips for a Successful Cleanse!

Are you going to join us in kicking our sugar cravings to the curb next week?  Our Liver Cleanse will be June 13-17th.  Here are some helpful tips to make your cleanse a success! Watch for tomorrows blog where the Cleanse will be posted.  

Tips for a successful cleanse:

•    Have support: Find a friend, family member, significant other or co-worker to enlist.  You do not have to cleanse with a partner, but telling someone what you are doing and asking for their support can be very helpful during a cleanse.    
•    Prepare, prepare, prepare!  You will be hungry and it is always easier to stick with a cleanse if you have your next meal already prepared.  Use this weekend to go shopping for the week, make your soups and chop up all your veggies.  
•    Relax: Take time off or lower your load if you can.  Adding stress during this time will be counterproductive.  Do not do a cleanse during a busy or stressful time.   Relax during your meals and chew your food slowly.  Also, avoid intense exercise, limit exertion to gentle yoga, stretching, and walking.  
•    Cleanse the mind: While the main action of the cleanse is on the body, do not forget about the mind: Watch and listen to only positive or educational programs, read those great, inspiring books you have on your list, avoid the news (you will live) and violent TV shows/movies, and journal nightly about anything that is coming up.  Cleansing can release a lot of emotions and it is important to honor and process what is coming up so it comes out for good.  
•    Cleanse the Soul: Only surround yourself with people that make you feel good and are easy to be around and avoid the energy suckers and negative people in your life.  On waking each morning or before bed at night, be still for at least 15 min and take deep breathes.  If you meditate or pray, then this is a good time to do so.  Do things that you enjoy doing – plant something, go for a bike ride, dance, get a message, sleep, snuggle with your loved one or your animals


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