Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy


·         Eat a healthy whole grain diet full of fruits and vegetables

o   Western diet lacks essential nutrients needed for the proper development of a newborn.

o   Try and eat as much fresh and organic food as possible to limit pesticide intake.

·         Take a good prenatal vitamin that has at least 800 mcg of methyl folate

o   Requirement doubles during pregnancy.

o   Important for healthy development of spinal cord and brain as well as adequate birth weight.

·              Take a good quality Omega 3 supplement such as fish oil

         o   Supports proper nervous system development of baby.

o   Keeps mom’s heart healthy and decreases preeclampsia risk and can help prevent preterm labor.

o   After labor, omega 3’s help with the production of breast milk and act as a mood support to help decrease postpartum depression.   


·         Continue low impact, low stress physical activity

o   If you already have an exercise routine, it is okay to continue, as long as you rest, drink plenty of water, wear ventilated clothing, and consult with your doctor to make sure you do not have any contraindications to exercise during pregnancy. 

o   Make sure exercise does not include inverted or supine poses, breathe holding, balancing,  high intensity weights, competition, excessive bouncing or jerking or bearing down motion.

·         Treat common concerns of pregnancy with homeopathy

o   Homeopathic medicines are safe to use in pregnancy (not necessarily all vitamins, minerals and herbs are however).

o   Homeopathy is effective in treating: morning sickness, threatened miscarriage, heartburn, gas, constipation, backache, bladder infection and skin eruptions during pregnancy.  Additionally it can help with abnormal position of the baby, premature labor, ineffectual contractions and non-progressing painful labor. 



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