NNMC's New Service! Body Talk With Terra Rose

Welcome to BODYTALK! A totally rad & rapid opportunity for transformation.

Terra Rose has practiced this energy healing modality for the last 9 years with private clients.

BodyTalk asks the body what it wants to heal in the order it wants to heal it - making it incredibly effective, and gentle.

Together, in one-on-one private sessions, you deep dive into all things mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

This may include belief systems, things from the past and present, anxiety, depression, mood ---- we travel the gamut of who you are to help you HEAL it so you can up-level in all areas of life.

You can expect a wonderfully non-judgmental, open-hearted and extremely effective healer when you meet Terra.

She is now practicing two days a month in our office and accepting new clients. There will be open spaces until each slot on the two days fill (already over half full) and that will be it.

If you are ready to release and heal - She's in your corner and ready to join your team.

Please e-mail Terra at terra@terraroseganem.com or call 480-628-8791 to learn more and schedule a session.

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