Top 5 Digestive Homeopathic Remedies

5 Homeopathic Remedies that you will be Grateful to have on Thanksgiving


Although I know that many of you will be trying your best to stick to your diet this week, most of us, even with the best of intentions, will overindulge a bit ;).  If you happen to fall into this category, make sure you bring the following homeopathic remedies with you to help you feel comfortable the rest of the evening.  With each of these remedies, you can take 2-3 pellets every 1-2 hours until the symptoms resolve.  


Lycopodium: This is the remedy that you need right after Thanksgiving dinner if you are feeling uncomfortably bloated.  The bloating is usually in the lower abdomen, feels uncomfortable to have clothing around the abdomen and feels better after passing gas.  


Carbo-Veg: This remedy can also be used after eating to alleviate bloating and heartburn.  If you need this remedy, you will feel bloated in the upper abdomen that is relieved by burping. This can also be used for to help with heartburn with a lot of burping.  


Nux-vomica: This remedy is often used for ailments of overindulgence, so if you need this, you will likely use it the Friday following Thanksgiving.  If you need this remedy, it will likely be not just for overeating, but over-drinking as well.  If you have a hard time sleeping after your get-together, waking at 3AM, and waking feeling irritable, nauseous, tired and have a headache, that this will be the remedy for you.  


Pulsatilla: This remedy is also used for the after effects of rich food.  Most of the time, if you need this remedy after a big meal, you will not only feel nausea, but will develop diarrhea from it as well.  The biggest offender for people that need this remedy is fatty foods.  They will also often feel warm and their symptoms are aggravated by heat.  


Arsenicum album: This remedy is also given when there is nausea and diarrhea following over-indulgence and can also be used if any food poisoning is a result.  If you need this remedy, you may have burning diarrhea, weakness and chills.  


Hopefully your Thanksgiving will be digestive-disturbance free. However, if you ar not trusting your will power this Thursday, it might be a good idea to stock up on these remedies….just in case!  Happy Thanksgiving!  


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