Influenzinum: Added Protection this Flu Season Without a Vaccine


Every year, as we all get bombarded with advertisements for the flu shot, here at Nourish, we will get many people who are looking for alternative options to prevent the flu.  Along with good hygiene, decreasing foods that hinder your immune system (we are looking at you, sugar), and taking good vitamins and herbs that help prevent the flu, there is also the remedy Influenzinum that can additionally be used.   


Influenzinum is a part of practice called homeoprophylaxis.  This is when a person is given the diluted version of a virus or bacteria they are trying to protect the body from in a homoeopathically prepared form.  This gives the immune system gentle stimulation and has shown the ability to protect people from that bug by producing antibody production to that specific disease agent.  The influenzinum remedies are made from the same strain of the flu that vaccine producers use that year, which is why it changes from year to year.  The difference is that that the Influenzinum remedy is an oral medication, in which the strains are more diluted than the vaccine and it does not include any of the immune irritants and preservative that are included in the flu vaccine, such as egg proteins, thimerosal, MSG, formaldehyde and antibiotics.  


There are some limitations, however, with this form of prevention.  Although homeoprophylaxis has been seen to give antibody protection, they do not give as much protection as the vaccine for that particular disease.  Also, as with the vaccine, it is possible that the correct strain for the virus was miscalculated for that year and would then offer no protection.  Additionally, as with the vaccine, we have to remember that there are many, many viruses floating around during flu season, that may or may not be the flu strain that both the remedy and the vaccine were made from.  It is because of the reasons that we recommend that the Influenzinum be added to a combination protocol for flu prevention.  


If you would like to add the Influenzinum remedy to your arsenal this fall, come and pick of yours this month, for $8/vial during the month of September.  Stay healthy!  

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