Homeopathy Needs Your Help!

We are reaching out to you, Nourish Family, because the FDA needs to hear your stories about how homeopathic medicine has helped you!

The Citizens' Petition to the FDA, created by Americans for Homeopathy Choice, is a pro-active document that halts finalization of the FDA's Draft Guidance on Drug Products Labeled as Homeopathic, issued in December 2017. If the Draft Guidance had gone through unchecked, it would have drastically reduced access to remedies the FDA deems "unsafe." The Americans for Homeopathy Choice wants to stop the FDA from restricting our remedies, and they need your help.

The Citizens' Petition has multiple goals:

  1. To get the FDA to approve an Advisory Committee of experienced homeopaths so that, in the future, FDA officers can be advised by homeopaths before taking action.

  2. To get the FDA to turn Compliance Policy Guide 400.400 into a regulation. A CPG is subject to change; as a regulation, CPG 400.400 cannot be easily altered. [CPG 400.400 has, for almost 30 years (1988 - 2017), been the FDAs compass when navigating through homeopathic pharmacy issues. It's an excellent document and needs to be preserved.]

  3. To give homeopaths a chance to be heard. We have current healthcare crises, such as opioid addiction, antibiotic resistance, sky-rocketing healthcare costs, and dangerous poly-pharmacy practices. Research has shown that homeopathy is effective in combating these crises, as well as many medical conditions - allergies, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, migraines, and depression, to name a few. Homeopathy deserves to have a solid and respected place in our healthcare system, without unnecessary and unfounded restrictions being placed on our remedies by the the FDA.

The Citizens' Petition was formally accepted by the FDA on July 31, 2018, and the FDA has created a docket for comments. You have until January 2019 to respond, but don't wait. Respond today!

Please add your voice to this docket

The more pro-homeopathy people who comment, the more the FDA will be forced to acknowledge that homeopathy is here to stay, that our voice is too strong to ignore. A word of warning: everyone is allowed to comment in this docket, including skeptics. Americans for Homeopathy Choice advises not to actively engage with the skeptics. The aim to keep messages polite and informative - giving personal experiences of how homeopathy has worked for you. Please rise above the negative slander of those who are uninformed about the true qualities of homeopathy.

Dr. Carrie RittlingComment