Nourish Your Body: A 21 Day Revitalizing Cleanse

Introduction to the Cleansing Program

A cleanse gives your mind and body the chance to renew and restore your energy. By simply adding more healthy foods into your diet, and removing harmful foods, you can rapidly detoxify your body and achieve a higher state of wellness.

Why should I do a cleanse?

  • Most of us habitually consume foods that we know are not healthy, such as sugar, caffeine, or fried food. Over time, these foods can deplete our energy and weaken our immune system.

  • Even if you eat a fairly healthy diet, by living in an environment with a large amount of traffic and various chemicals, you are continually exposed to harmful compounds or toxins that can build up in your body. A cleanse helps to flush out these chemicals and leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Where do the toxins come from?

  • Internal Toxins

    • Bacterial, yeast, fungal overgrowth

    • By-products of metabolic reactions (such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, hormones)

    • Poorly digested food

  • Lifestyle Toxins

    • Nicotine

    • Alcohol

    • Caffeine

    • Recreational drugs

    • Prescription drugs/Over-the-counter drugs

    • Artificial food additives, colorings and preservatives

    • Non-organic meats (contain hormones and antibiotics)

    • Refined foods and sugars (fast foods, fried foods)

    • Stress

  • Environmental Toxins

    • Polluted air from factories

    • Auto exhaust

    • Solvents (paint and cleaning products)

    • Heavy metals

    • Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides

    • Radiation

What is involved in a cleanse?

Nourish Your Body is a 3-step program which lasts for 21 days. It includes:

  • A 2-7-day pre-cleanse involving a step by step elimination of harmful foods. For more experienced cleansers you can shorten this part of the cleanse to as little as 2 days to extend the cleanse days to 12 days

  • A 7-12-day whole-body cleanse with healthy foods and nutritional supplements that revitalize the body and mind

  • A 7-day plan to empower you in maintaining your energy and health after your cleanse

What should I expect?

  • In the first 1-3 days of your cleanse, you will start to break down fat and release toxins that have been stored in your cells. These chemicals will be released into your bloodstream so they can then be processed by your liver and kidneys, and flushed from your body. During the time that these chemicals are in your bloodstream, you may feel irritable, tired, or have headaches. Have patience; this is temporary and will resolve after a day or two. There are natural supplements and herbal teas that can help you feel more at ease during your cleanse and decrease these symptoms if they do occur.

  • After about 3 days, most people begin to feel more energetic, clear-minded, and positive. This physical and emotional state tends to last throughout the rest of the cleansing period, and often stays with you after the cleanse.

  • Symptoms from other chronic health concerns may also improve during or after a cleanse, because your body is able to clear out the harmful chemicals that may have been causing these symptoms. For example, people with previous chronic headaches, weight gain, allergies, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc., may notice improvement in their symptoms after a cleanse.

We look forward to your participation in the Nourish Your Body: A 21-Day Revitalizing Cleanse. Feel free to message or call us with any question. Keep your eyes open for the specific details for the Pre-Cleanse, Cleanse and Post Cleanse….


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