Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you fit into my healthcare team?

We can fill the role of your primary care doctor or work alongside your primary care doctors and other specialists.  Dr. Carrie performs child exams and Dr. Ham performs well woman exams if needed as well. 


Do all Naturopathic Doctor’s use homeopathy?

No, the use of homeopathy varies among Naturopathic Doctors.  Some do not use it at all, while others use it sparingly, while others, like Dr.’s Carrie and Ham use it as a main therapy.  Using homeopathy in this way requires years of practice and training.   They have dedicated their practice to the study of homeopathy and have completed additional training outside of medical school in order to become proficient in it.  Because of this, each are able to proficiently select the most individualized remedy for your case while also managing the ebbs and flows of treatment using homeopathic medicine.  


How long are the visits?

Pediatric initial intakes are 45-60 minutes while follow-ups range from 15-30 minutes.  Adult intakes are more complex, so they may take more time and go up to 90 minutes.  Adult follow up visits will range from 20-40 minutes.  Extended follow ups are available for both doctors if you have not been seen in over a year, or for complicated cases. These range from 45-90 minutes.     


What can I expect during the visits?

In the first visit, or the initial intake, you will tell your story and what had led up to you or your child’s current symptoms.  Your records will be reviewed, additional lab testing will be ordered if necessary, a physical exam is done and an individualized treatment plan is given.  This may include: diet changes, lifestyle counseling, stress management techniques and supplements.  Pediatric patients will often be given their homeopathic remedy at this visit.  Please bring any recent records that you have along with any supplements that you are currently on, if possible.

Adult patients will have an extended follow up about 2 weeks later.  At this appointment, Dr. Ham will review any labs with you and find the homeopathic medicine that matches with your symptoms the best in order to help heal your body from the inside out.  It is after this intake that you will have your full treatment plan. 

For your follow up care, your first one will be approximately one month after your initial intake.  At this follow up, we will review all symptoms to make sure you are responding to the treatment plan.  Even after their best efforts, it is sometimes possible that the doctor may need to re-evaluate your case at this point if you are not improving like expected.  After this appointment, your doctor will decide how often you will need to be seen until your symptoms are completely resolved.  Some patients continue monthly follow-ups after this, while others start to spread their visits out further based on how they are responding and how much care is required in their case.  Consistent follow up care is the key to continued success in your case and will decrease your overall time of treatment. 


Do you accept insurance?

Nourish Natural Medical Center does not directly accept insurance as a form of payment.  However, you may submit your invoice to your insurance directly.  You will be given the paperwork necessary to do so.  Please speak with Tess or Tina if you have any further questions regarding insurance. 


Do you accept HSA’s?

Yes.  Our system will run your HSA card to deduct payment from what you owe at that visit. 


How can I contact you between appointments?

If you need to contact your doctor between visits, you can do one of the following: message your doctor through Patient Fusion or call and speak to Tess or Tina.   If you choose to message your doctor, please allow at least 3 business days for a response.  A question through Tess or Tina can usually get back to you that day.  If the email or question is lengthy, requires you to be seen or a change in your treatment plan, then a visit may be required. 


Where can I find homeopathic remedies?

Nourish Natural Medical Center carries most homeopathic remedies that are prescribed to you.  You can also purchase most remedies in 6c and 30c (some will also carry a 200c) at Sprouts, Whole Foods and various local, independent health food stores.  You can also pick up 6c and 30c remedies at SCNM on 101 and Broadway in Tempe.  I will need to call in a prescription for any remedy higher than a 200c.  Via mail, you may also be able to order your remedy from Homeopathy Overnight or Pure Formulas.


Are homeopathic remedies expensive?

They can run from $7-20 a remedy depending on where you get them and the potency you need. 


How quickly will I feel a difference?

Your doctor should know if the treatment plan in working in the first 2-3 weeks after the remedy is given.  For some people it takes a little as a few days to 1 week and for others as much as 4 weeks to feel a difference.  In acute cases, you should begin to feel better very quickly, ranging from a few minutes to a few hours. 


Is my remedy safe?  I found online that is was toxic!

There is a VAST amount of incorrect information online regarding homeopathic medicines.  Please understand that looking up a substance online that was given to you in a homeopathic form, you will often find information on that remedy that is NOT homeopathically prepared.  All remedies are made from original substances that can cause symptoms in people (please see section on homeopathy on this website for further information).  However,  when they are prepared homeopathically, the toxic or dangerous effects of that substance are no longer present.  The homeopathic form of the remedy you where given is safe and non-toxic.  The remedies are regulated by the FDA and sold over the counter at most health food stores.


What should I expect to be feeling?

Homeopathic medicine does not have a drug effect on the system.  It is a completely natural, subtle change that shifts your body over time, like eating better and exercising does.  Even though some people do feel a dramatic difference right away, most often, it is looking back over the past several weeks over starting treatment, people will realize that their symptoms have not been bothering them, they feel more energized, have an improved mood, and a greater sense of well-being, peace and calm.   


I took the remedy and I feel worse! Why?

Please make sure you have gone over what to expect from taking a remedy with your doctor.  Rarely, when a remedy is given to a person, they can feel a worsening of symptoms before they improve.  It is often the remedy interacting with your symptoms as you begin to respond to treatment.  This should only last 24-48 hours, if at all.  If it lasts longer, please call for direction, as your dosage of the remedy might have to be adjusted.   Although you do not need to experience this worsening of symptoms to improve, it is often a sign that we found the correct match and you will soon feel much better. 


What was this remedy for?

The remedy is for all of your symptoms and for your overall health.  By finding the right homeopathic remedy that matches your complete case, we can remind the body to work in balance again.  When this happens, the symptoms that you have will start to fade away, since they are just manifestations of an unbalanced system. 


What happens if I get sick during treatment?

You can come in for an acute treatment plan, no need to go to urgent care.  Both doctors can treat infections and colds.  If you do get sick and do not come in for treatment, pay special attention to how you feel after getting sick, as you may need an increase of strength of your remedy after getting sick. 


Why do I have to change my potency continuously?

Because homeopathic remedies are so natural, the body can get used to them easily.  When the body gets used to a remedy, you will notice that you either stop improving or some symptoms that where gone, may start to return mildly.  However, you should never go back to where you started.  Time (mostly between 1-3 months), illness, dental work and stress are all reasons as to why a potency will need to be changed.  There are many potencies available so do not worry about running out of potencies before you are better. 


What do I do with the remedies I stopped using?

You can just hold onto them and find a space that you designate for your remedies.  In time, we may be able to re-use them, or you may need to use them for your family.  Think if them the same way you would keep other medicines in your medicine cabinet. 


If you changed my potency, can I just double up on what I am taking?

No, unfortunately most of the time, it does not work that way.  Remedies are not made in milligram dosages and cannot be added together.  The potency given is prepared in a specific way and when you body gets used to it, it normally does not respond any further.  However, it is possible with some people to prolong their reaction by a several weeks by taking their remedy for frequently.  Every new potency is actually prepared in a different way, which is what your body needs to continue to react to it.


How long will I be treated?

It depends on the complexity of your case and how quickly you are responding to treatment. Your doctor will be able to continue to address this as needed throughout treatment. 


Will I have to take a remedy for the rest of my life?

No.  Once you are better, we will take you off the remedy and you will only take it as needed if you are feeling any symptoms return.  Homeopathic medicine, however, is used for many acute and chronic illnesses and can be treated like any other medicine.  For instance, you may need another remedy for a different reason in the future, as you would any medicine.