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Nourish Your Mind: How to Create Balance using Gem Stones featuring Zen by Karen Moore

Wednesday, November 2nd

6:00pm to 7:30pm (space will open at 5:45pm)

Fee: $10

With our lives being so busy and full of everyday demands, it is easy to feel out of balance and stressed.

Come take a break and nourish your mind with us…

Learn how to harness your own personal intention and energy to bring balance into your life. We will explore using gemstones as a catalyst for this shift.

It is believed that specific vibrations of gemstones can unblock negative energy and at the same time can bring in positive energy that supports you as well.

Karen will showcase a series of gemstones, the specific qualities of each and what they are best used for. You will learn practices to bring more balance to your everyday life.


During the time together…

¥       Learn the characteristics of the ZEN balancing gemstone collection: Howlite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian, Jasper and Hematite.

¥       Practice mindfulness using gemstones as a physical reminder of our intentions.

¥       Learn to shift our energy from stress and negativity to a positive more healthy energy.

¥       Have hands-on playtime with the ZEN balancing gemstone collection.

¥       Go home feeling relaxed and refreshed with a few new tools in your wellness toolkit

Each guest will take home a ZEN gem for balance!


ZEN jewelry & loose gemstones will be available for purchase. After the workshop there will be time to work with Karen one on one to find the right gems for you or that special someone.  Special offers will be available to guests.


About the presenter…Karen Moore is a jewelry designer and positivity promoter who uses elements from Mother Nature to craft jewelry and share her healthy lifestyle practices.


Learn more at

Connect with Karen over on Facebook: ‘ZEN by Karen Moore’ & Instagram @zenbykarenmoore

Later Event: November 24
Closed for Thanksgiving