Well Women’s Exam

Dr. Ham strives to ensure that patients are comfortable when discussing gynecological concerns and getting your wellness exam.  She takes great care in providing a stress free experience for her patients. Your wellness exam will consist of both a breast exam and a pelvic exam.  You will also learn how to do your own self-breast exam.  During a pelvic exam, Dr. Ham tests for HPV as well as any other relevant infections based on your symptoms.  We can also test for STD’s if necessary. This exam also includes a physical to check your heart, lungs, abdomen and thyroid if you have not received one from another doctor in the past year.  At this time, Dr. Ham may also order some additional testing or imaging for other areas of concern.

Women over the age of 21 should have wellness exams every 2-3 years unless symptoms require more frequent testing.  In women over the age of 30, if they do not have a history of cervical dysplasia and if they are not immunocompromised, may now reduce their exams to every 3-5 years.  Women over the age of 65 or women who have had a complete hysterectomy without a recent history of HPV no longer need to have a pap done.

Please call if you are due for a well woman exam or if you have any further questions regarding your need for one.