Our Mission at Nourish Natural Medical Center

Nourish Natural Medical Center was founded by Dr. Carrie Rittling and Dr. Natalie Ham, in order to create a healing, nourishing center for women and children. The name Nourish embodies their treatment approach; to help set the foundation for healing by nourishing every patient's mind, body and soul.

  • Healing the body with fresh organic foods, exercise and a healthy environment.

  • Healing the mind with counseling, and creating healthy relationships.

  • Healing the soul with meditation/prayer, yoga and healing of past traumas.

There are many therapies that are used at Nourish Natural Medical Center to accomplish these goals such as: diet and lifestyle counseling, supplementation, cleansing, homeopathy and herbal therapy. The Doctors at Nourish use the least means necessary to obtain the most positive and long lasting results as possible. They are committed to their patient’s health and dedicated to their healing process.