Dr. Miriam Wheeler, NMD

Dr. Miriam Wheeler, NMD

I am a licensed naturopathic physician, practicing in Arizona. I treat a variety of acute and chronic conditions for patients of all ages. My passion lies in helping patients reclaim their health so they can enjoy life fully. Being a naturopath is the best of both worlds for me as a physician; my training allows me to diagnose and treat patients, and I also have the freedom and time to really get to know my patients as people. I customize treatment plans for each individual patient, which improves their results.

I didn't always aspire to be a physician, though I did hope to find a rewarding career that helped people. This discovery happened while attending the University of Arizona for my undergraduate studies. A couple years into college, I was between majors. I took an introduction to human nutrition class and was fascinated by the way the body utilizes nutrients from the foods we eat. I switched my major to nutritional sciences because I enjoyed these classes so much, and planned on becoming a registered dietitian. While working at a local hospital as a diet aid, I quickly realized this was not the fulfilling career track I sought; registered dietitians play a crucial role in the healthcare system, but I wanted to work with patients from a more holistic and comprehensive perspective.

At this time, I was completely unaware of naturopathic medicine. While searching online for a new doctor to help me with my own health issues one night, I stumbled upon a naturopathic doctor's website. Naturo- what?! After researching this approach and learning about the principles of naturopathic medicine I immediately knew this was not only the type of doctor I wanted to see for my own health concerns, but the career path I had been looking for. The fall after graduating from UA, I began the 4-year accredited ND programat the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (SCNM)  in Tempe, AZ. 

During my time as a student at SCNM, I was re-introduced to homeopathy. My initial introduction to this form of medicine was actually in a biology class at UA years prior. One of our assignments in this class was to research and debate controversial topics within the scientific community, and I was assigned to the opposing group for homeopathy. It wasn't until my time at SCNM however, that I learned how effective this medicine actually is. Now it's one of the therapies I rely on the most for patients because of its safety and efficacy

After graduating from SCNM, I completed three years of residency. Unlike MD and DO programs, residencies are not required for naturopathic doctors. There are a limited number available in North America, and they are highly competitive. I was fortunate enough to be selected for two years of SCNM's Naturopathic Family Practice Residency, followed by a one-year specialty residency in homeopathic medicine. Only a handful of naturopathic physicians in the country have completed the homeopathy residency, the only of its kind, which is funded by Standard Homeopathic and supervised by the esteemed Stephen Messer, ND, DHANP. I was the first of Dr. Messer's residents to be awarded this as a third-year position.  

Since completing residency, I have remained at SCNM as adjunct faculty and currently teach at the college one day a week. I thoroughly enjoy helping to train future generations of naturopathic physicians. 

I've recently moved my private practice to Nourish Natural Medical Center, in Tempe. I am so excited to be working in a new space that provides a calming, friendly, and healing environment for my patients. 

If you're looking for a physician who takes the time to listen and answer your health questions, and someone who helps you feel like yourself again, get in touch. I'd love to work with you and help you live life more health-fully!

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